Secret Gardens
Secret Gardens
Ep 4: On About Pages...

Ep 4: On About Pages...

(& how to get them done.)

So it's time to write your about page? That's amazing! Because it means you're out there, doing things, putting work out into the world!

And maybe you've already sat down to write your page and found it way harder than you thought it would be, so you just added a quick bio, a picture that you don't hate and called the thing done...

OR, you got overwhelmed and put your about page in the time-out corner to sit there and think about what it's done to you.

I totally get it, these pages are kind of the broccoli of the internet world: Good for you, but really unfun to follow through with.

And to fix that, we need to look at what exactly is making them seem like such an impossible feat. (They're not, and you'll actually learn to love them after I've finished with you, but the process can feel daunting at first.)

And if you haven't written your about page, or you have but you’d like to make it a bit snazzier, then this will help you too. 

Because even though they're not always the easiest thing in the world to write, if you have something that you're sharing with the world online, yes. You do need to write one. 

So in order to get to the good bit where we make it easier, we need to look at why it can be so hard or uncomfortable. 

There’s probably stacks of things that make it difficult - but let’s just look at three for now…

Here’s the guide I was talking about: Get Your About Page Done. (For the overthinking, perfectionistic creator.)

Secret Gardens
Secret Gardens
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