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Secret Gardens
Ep 7: Fantastic Testimonials & Where To Find Them

Ep 7: Fantastic Testimonials & Where To Find Them

Are you already sitting on testimonial gold?

Most people know testimonials are powerful and know they need them. The problem is getting them.

So, I wanted to make an episode to hopefully spark ideas on where you could go seeking out some magical words without waiting for all your wonderful clients to get back to you! The thing is, you might already have access to testimonial gold and you’re just not aware of it yet. Plus, we’ll look at a couple of new ways to use them, harness their power and organise them too.

As promised, below are the visuals and links I mention in the episode.

Taken from 2 pieces of audio feedback and translated into this written testimonial.

Taken from podcast audio snippet.

Example of taking just one sentence & highlighting it, so it’s not lost with all the other lovely words. Also shows the difference between using a screenshot vs translating into the branding design.

An example on my old voice-over website, taken from multiple Facebook comments.

And for the curious kind (I know I would be), here are the two pieces Fiona was referencing, the logo I’d designed for a fictional hotel and part of the copy included in my work for its branding.

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