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Ep 2: Stop Trying To Find Your Voice.

Ep 2: Stop Trying To Find Your Voice.

(And what to do instead...)

If you’re a creative or just someone who is sharing their work in any capacity - particularly online, you’ve probably found that in your pursuits of creating content or developing your website, or product descriptions or anywhere you need to write about your brand… 

…that you’re not sure what to say, and how it’s meant to sound. 

And all of the research you’ve done has led you to the conclusion that you need to spend some time figuring out what your brand voice is. 

And that’s actually totally true. Brand voice matters and it does involve some very specific, intentional, strategic choices for the actual words you use, the tone of voice, sentence structure as well as topics and content your brand will cover. 

All of that is necessary for brand voice, I’m not here to try and say that’s all bogus - it’s not. It’s important.


I recently realised that this whole idea of ‘voice finding’ is something that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s the terminology of ‘finding/discovering your brand voice’ that I find a bit jarring… 

And while we gave ourselves this container of “voice finding” to help us figure out how to communicate with our audience well, it’s brought with it a couple of (or 3, as I go into) reverse-helpful things.

So, in this episode I’ll dive into those 3 things and then offer some new handles for that container so you can feel a bit clearer about how to approach your brand voice…

And I can already imagine that this is going to have to be a part of a series, because there are so many layers and different things to this idea of voice, so I will circle back with more episodes on this to explore some of those in more detail. 

But for now… 

Let’s dive in to why it’s time to stop trying to find your voice, and what you can do instead…

Listen to episode 2 above & let me know how you go!

Oh, and as promised in the episode, here’s a Blupee.

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