Secret Gardens
Secret Gardens
Prologue: Strange Buried Jewels

Prologue: Strange Buried Jewels

Walk with me through to our first secret garden...

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Everything is made out of magic. A kind of magic that let’s us peer in and see possibilities, wonder, hope, new beginnings.

It’s a magic that unlocks unspoken dreams and brighter futures than one could have ever imagined, calling them out of the hidden, buried dark.

My fitness coach recently shared with me that we’re aiming to reach our *genetic potential* and I became a bit obsessed with this concept because it gave me a true standard to aim for and also made me feel that goal was wholly possible, because everything it needed was already there, waiting.

It got me thinking, what if we applied this beyond the physical and into other areas of our lives: dreams, creative pursuits, ideas and more?

What is actually possible?

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about there being ‘strange buried jewels’ within us, waiting for us to find them and allow them to flourish.

The daydreams, the forgotten hopes, the what if’s…

So many of these ‘jewels’ are covered under mess and pain and failed attempts to seek them out previously. They are also the very thing that give us vision for the future.

I’m inviting you to walk through with me now, into the first of our secret gardens we will wander through together in this publication and podcast: The Dream Garden

The Dream Garden

The place of sacred and secret things, waiting to come to life, to flourish, to bloom and to then sow into the lives of others.

I realise none of this is rocket science. It’s a simple concept, not new, not revolutionary but for some reason it made all the lights inside my head flick on and twinkle and it made sense to me in a new way. I even got a bit nerdy about it, bought some bulbs and cut them up because I was curious. (Video below.)

This all leads me into something exciting: I’m releasing a “locked door” part of the publication here which will be available to paid subscribers. Think of it as a walled garden, perhaps?

Screen shot from my short film: ‘Manifest’

What’s inside the walled garden?

We get to walk together and chat through our specific dreams. There will no doubt be talk of renovations, health pursuits, ballet goals, doing life as a Square Peg and other bits and pieces I’d love to share, but not with just anyone.

I’ll be offering special insider sessions, secret episodes and virtual gifts along the way too.

If you’re not interested in any of the above but you’d still like to support the work here then know your paid subscription is appreciated.

Note: everything as it is now will remain free and accessible to all including the podcast and the upcoming episodes and posts on dreams, creativity and storytelling as a whole. It’s the more personal posts that will be paywalled.

Would love you to join me!

For now, enjoy the episode.

*PS the quote I mentioned in the episode is from Mary Oliver. I couldn’t remember her name at the time of recording.

Secret Gardens
Secret Gardens
Wander through the secret places of dreams, creativity and stories...